First Impressions Matter

We all know the importance of a good first impression.  When we think of recruiting most people only think about the first impression the candidate makes. Just as important is the candidate’s first impression of the organization.  From the job posting, to the telephone screen, to the in-person interview, the candidate is judging the organization. It is very possible the impression that your organization is making may be discouraging potential candidates. So how can your organization bring in the best candidates?  There are a few things your organization can do to enhance the process.

Every organization wants the best candidates. Great candidates want the best company. Talented people want the best next challenge. Most are not content doing the same job until retirement. Remember that people are motivated for different reasons. Make sure that you are selling your organization and the position by more than just a great salary.

One way to do this is with the job posting or on your corporate website. Include more than just a job description. Be sure you include information on what makes your organization a great place to work.  An exciting job posting can enable candidates to envision your position as a great opportunity.

The next way is to use a recruiter believe in your organization.  If the voice contacting the potential candidate is excited about the organization, it is contagious. Those recruiters will overcome any hesitations a candidate might have about leaving their current job, just by having enthusiasm about the new job and workplace. Part of this is to make sure the recruiter knows the corporate culture, hiring manager, and makeup of the department. People need more than just cold hard facts. What makes the team and position unique and enticing, can be the thing that will draw in some of the best talent. Having someone who can convey that message is key.

Another way some organizations fail to make a great impression is the in-person interview.  Prospective employees need to be as sold on your organization as much as you need to be sold on them.  Why? Once again, the best candidates have options. How would you want to be treated when you are going into an organization?  Of course there are the obvious things such as having someone greet them and having the front desk know they are coming.  Also making sure the water cooler conversations are out of earshot. Nothing can ruin a great first impression like having employees gossiping while candidates listen in. A warm greeting, a smile, and a professional environment will prove effective.

Although we want the best, we may not always be attracting the best.  It seems simple, but separating yourself from the competition can done in these three simple ways: 1. Write an exciting, informative job posting 2. Have a knowledgeable recruiter who conveys excitement, and 3. Create a warm and professional atmosphere for in-person interview .Creating a great first impression for candidates will convey the message that your organization is the one they want to join.