New Year’s Recruiting Best Done in December

2015 is rapidly coming to a close.  Many companies are thinking ahead to the new year and planning for their recruiting needs. With the coming holidays, however, many have the belief that December is too busy to start a new search. While the holidays can be very busy, late November and December can be one of the best times to find the people your organization needs to start the New Year.

Why December? The Monday after Thanksgiving is spent shopping on-line for jobs as well as new presents. Starting with the Thanksgiving holiday, many people begin an examination of their personal lives. New Year’s Resolutions are made in December. People are looking to better and improve themselves both personally and professionally.  After a long Thanksgiving weekend, some are looking for that new exciting challenge that brings excitement back into their work lives. Some are driven to be closer to family and are looking for those opportunities that meet both career and personal needs.  December is a time that people may be more open to change so they can start the New Year with new goals, new jobs, and new enthusiasm.

Another thing that drives the ability to recruit more easily in December is people tend to have more scheduling flexibility. Business travel is down during this time. Potential candidates may have more time to look for possible opportunities. It may make it easier to schedule phone conversations and interviews.

If you want to take advantage of this holiday season and have the talent ready to start in the New Year, the time to start is now. There is nothing like a long holiday weekend to open up people’s minds to a job change. So go ahead start your search now and have a Happy New Year.