Getting Your Resume Noticed

[12-April-17 12:53:25]
Today hiring managers and recruiters are inundated with resumes. For every position, a recruiter can have dozens of resumes submitted. As a recruiter I’m going...

Reading a Resume More Effectively

[22-March-17 19:54:13]
The purpose of a resume is to get the invitation to interview.  It’s a quick snapshot of a career.  Both writers and readers alike need...


Why Use Specialized Recruiters?

[22-June-16 19:49:50]
Generalist Recruiters are not the same as Industry Specialized Recruiters.  Although they may know the ins and outs of how to find people, the broad...

Why You Don’t Want Lifers

[22-June-16 19:44:27]
Organizations and teams need change. Having a team that has worked together for years is fantastic, but that same team can get stagnant. What factors in...

Team Interviewing-Streamlining the Process

[22-April-16 19:02:28]
One of the current trends in organizations is of multiple people interviewing over multiple interviews.  The thought behind the trend is that different people have...

The Reference Check

[22-April-16 16:30:27]
All too often I get asked the question how can I ensure the candidate that interviews is the same personality that will I see in...

Benefits: More Than Just a Great 401K

[22-April-16 16:23:13]
When an organization has an open position one of the first questions asked is how much can we pay this person.  What the compensation package...

ThyssenKrupp continues growth in North America

[16-February-16 17:03:08]
Carlos Kingwergs ThyssenKrupp just gave the green light for the construction of an additional auto component plant in Mexico. In the coming months, the company...