Why You Don’t Want Lifers

Organizations and teams need change. Having a team that has worked together for years is fantastic, but that same team can get stagnant. What factors in the team will push the change needed to keep your team vibrant?

One driver of change is employee turnover. Compared to 20 years ago, there is a big shift in how long employees remain with a company.  Many see this as a generational difference which can be interpreted as lack of corporate loyalty or an inability for employees to commit. Initially, transitions can cost organizations financially, but they can also be an asset to an organization.

New people joining your organization bring with them different ideas and skills. When a new employee has worked for a decent tenure at multiple organizations, they develop the mental agility to adjust to different work cultures and processes. They also bring the experience of what worked in past companies. If you select the right person with the right skill set, they can be of great benefit to your company.

Another way to effect the change needed to maintain a vibrant team is through internal promotion. No one wants drastic continuous change, but having employees in a position for a couple of years and then moving to another position will allow for healthy growth for both the employee and the company.

Growth for individuals and organizations is important.  The majority of employees want personal and career growth.  This includes upward mobility, different job responsibilities, and better compensation.  Within an organization there may or may not be room for upward growth.  Not every organization can accommodate the growth and development of every employee.  Therefore, understanding that some employees are best suited to be with an organization for a limited time as they are growing and becoming ready for the next step in their career is important.  With the right amount of employee mobility comes the opportunity to bring in new talent that will bring new energy and dynamics to the team and to help people to meet their career goals.