The client was one of the early developers of thermoset materials used in a variety of industries. A large segment of their business was as a Tier Two supplier of thermoset parts. The long-time family-owned company with facilities in North Carolina and Ohio had recently been purchased by a private equity group, and a new VP/General Manager from outside the auto industry had been appointed. A combination of factors including the change of ownership and a desire to grow the business required the new General Manager to recruit and establish a new leadership team quickly.


The staff was very lean. They did not have the internal resources needed to conduct multiple job searches. They needed seasoned executives quickly. Customer needs would not allow them the time to develop talent internally.


Sanford Rose Santee, an AutoKineto collaborator, was retained to locate several new leaders including the Director of Operations, Director of Quality and Director of Supply Chain. Additionally two manager level roles needed to be filled in engineering and operations.

Sanford Rose Associates Santee successfully filled all the roles within a 10-week period of time. A member of the SRA team helped during the search process by facilitating on-site interviews at the company’s Ohio headquarters. SRA handled the background checks, negotiated the job offers and facilitated successful candidates communication up to their start dates.