Talent Acquisition Services

Our mission is to drive organizations ongoing success by deeply understanding our client’s needs, accessing the vehicle industry’s top talent, and attracting the right individual that shall contribute to the growth of the company.

Our Process

AutoKineto employs a unique search and selection process designed to find unique individuals who can make a difference in your organization.

Profiling the Position

We work closely with hiring managers and other key executives to create a position profile that identifies the skills required to do the job, past experience needed to meet priority tasks and management style that will function effectively in the corporation’s culture.

Identification and Recruitment

With the assistance of our trained research staff, we begin a customized search for promising candidates who are likely to match the requirements of the search profile. It is our task to identify and recruit the best candidates through a wide variety of means, and we will keep you fully informed of our progress.

Screening and Presentation

We interview potential candidates to make sure they are a close fit. When we have identified candidates worthy of your consideration, we will present them and explain why each of them is a close fit to the Dimensional Search profile.

Our rigorous pre-screening interviewing process means we only present our clients with candidates that have the skillsets and abilities to succeed from day one.

Leadership Roles

As former Presidents and Vice Presidents of automotive suppliers, we know the demands of the auto industry, and bring our expansive international and U.S. contact networks offering our clients unprecedented access to the industry’s top talent.

We have filled plant leadership and division leadership roles including:
• President
• Vice-President
• Director
• General Manager
• Plant Manager
• Program Manager
• Project Manager

Technical Talent

Members of the AutoKineto collaboration also have experience in automotive engineering, information technology and finance. We can fill these often difficult to hire roles, as we can “talk the talk” defining and discussing the technical aspects of the job, to bring you only the most highly qualified candidates.

Some examples of technical roles we’ve filled include:
• Engineer
• Quality
• Continuous Improvement/Lean
• Finance


We primarily serve the international automotive and heavy-duty industry, with a focus on:
• Operations
• Engineering
• Finance/Accounting
• Human Resources
• Supply Chain
• Quality
• Sales
• Marketing
• Program Management

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